The Barrier (1990)

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The Barrier - Bahrain movieNotable Bahraini director Bassam Al-Thawadi released the film The Barrier in 1990 and eventoday it resonates thanks to its beautifully written script, the excellent cast, and the wonderfulfilmmaking. The movie is all about the barriers people put up and the barriers that are imposedon the citizens of Bahrain. Through interweaving storylines we see the different barriers and howthey can affect people. Continue reading

Four Girls (2008)

Four girls bahrain filmFour Girls tells the story of four young women from Bahrain and the struggles they go throughin their attempt to assert their rights and live their lives as they desire. The film is directed byHussain Al Hulaybi and was written by Hamad Al Chehabi and Hamad Al Shihabi. The womenare played by Hiba Al Dari, Soad Ali, Eptissam Al Ataoui, and Shayma Janahi. The ladies arebrought together by coincidence and form a strong, unbreakable bond that makes them strongerfriends than they ever could have imagined. Continue reading

Visitor (2004)

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visitor 2004Visitor is built around Fatima, a troubled young woman with a history of nightmares and frightening visions. Since childhood one vision in particular has haunted her. It’s of a mysterious and threatening man and she’s never been able to free her mind of the haunting nature of the vision. The film is primarily built around her quest to solve those issues and finally get the mental peace she seeks. Visitor also introduces us to Fatima’s ex-husband, who plays a major part, and two teenage boys that are having with drugs and getting into violent behavior. Continue reading

A Bahraini Tale (2006)

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a bahraini taleA Bahraini Tale is set in 1967 during the Arab-Israeli war and it was a tumultuous time for all involved. The story is built around a middle class Bahrain family and the lead character is name Fatima, a lovely woman struggling to survive in such a difficult and wild world and to shepherd her family to happiness with so much going on around them. They contrast the small story of a simple family with the large story of the war and in particular of Jamal Abdul Nasser, the man leading the forces against Israel. Continue reading

Gilgamesh Pearl (2011)

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gilgames pearlGilgamesh Pearl tells the story of three friends that wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are Rayan, Yousif, and Hamad and they live in Bahrain and are big fans of hip hop. The story centers around the murder of the most famous rapper in Bahrain, Gilgamesh Pearl. He is killed and the three friends are in the vicinity and a witness names them as the murderers, mostly because they were spotted. The boys are innocent though and now they need to do anything they can to prove it. The only way to freedom is to find the real killers and solve the mystery themselves. Continue reading